Brickhead 3

Aug 22nd 2011

Talking Head

Brickhead 3 has been known to stop people in their tracks.

Especially kids and dogs tilt their heads and look at the sculpture as if to say, “You talkin’ to me?”

By sculptor James Tyler, the work of art depicts a human head created of 550 handmade ceramic bricks. Erected in 2004 in Davlan Park, the head contains an internal audio element that is activated as viewers approach so that sounds start emanating.

Can be a bit spooky if you don’t expect it.

The soundtrack paints an auditory picture of the human “information processing” mechanism.  The “calculating mind” of Brickhead issues sounds like chalkboard writing, jack hammers blaring, chainsaws buzzing, thoughts clicking and other noises. 

I empathize with old Brickhead. That is how my brain sometimes feels after a day of work.

Neighborhood Mass Ave
CategoriesArt, Child Friendly, Hidden Gems
Adult PriceFree
Address430 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, Indiana